will you read this too?
2009-09-09 18:54:06 UTC
Parenting- ur doin' it wrong

Does she have ADHD
or is she just a bit high-strung?
Should we give her Ritalin,
or just cut back on candy and gum?
She hasn't done her homework;
perhaps we should turn off the TV.
But without cartoons to babysit,
what kind of parents could we be?
I mean after all, kids need DVD's,
And cell phones. And high-dollar sneakers.
And poisons in the air that will make
their lives and lungs a bit weaker.
One day they'll be just like us
but with new phobias and less fauna.
Telling their own kids to go to bed
and hearing back, "No! I don't wanna!"
My memory holds pieces
from a speech that says it's wrong
To spare the rod and spoil the child
but everyone's doin' it wrong.
So someone calls CPS
because it's a strategy for revenge.
And the house is a mess so they take your kids
and it costs money to see them again.
Sounds a bit like ransom
and buying back your hope,
Is a long slow process,
When everyone's hooked on dope.
Best thing you can do
Is have the doctor give you some pills,
'cause when you say, "but it's prescription"
It's okay and everyone chills.
How bright can the future be,
Not to mention tomorrow,
When you can't even turn to your family for help
There's no time nor money to borrow.
Grandma lost her house;
She's moving in with you.
Maybe she'll help with the kids?
Nope, the stroke made her a kid again, too.
So now it's a mess and mom slits her wrists and the whole thing has gone to hell.
But one little child right in their midst
Has one heck of a story to tell..
Seven answers:
Dark Angel 1
2009-09-10 04:35:30 UTC
WoW Lovechild this is a great and real poem of things many of us parents go thru daily and they are always trying to medicate these poor kids as they may yell a bit or jump a while as they are kids' and that's what they do' as many teachers and doctors so well forgot...My son they say has adhd'then they say ocd but to me he's just a well spoken boy who gets a bit rowdy at times' as he is a pre teen boy and to me that is 100 percent normal ' but at times it can get on the nerves a bit' but i still love him with all my heart and soul' whats left of it ' anyway.
2009-09-10 02:18:03 UTC
That is about how it goes a lot of times. This is why we have a fair assemblage of modern barbarians today. There are not nearly as many people interested in turning out human beings these days.

Good work. You have been paying attention to these things. It saddens me to see how this stuff is done. You have captured an unpleasant reality.
Chuck Firebird
2009-09-10 01:58:14 UTC
2 long
2009-09-10 01:59:10 UTC
Poetry - ur doin it right

And you said a mouthfull
Kit[ty] Kat
2009-09-10 01:59:35 UTC
Very morbid.
2009-09-10 01:57:46 UTC
this blows. I want my two minutes back.
2009-09-10 01:57:41 UTC
wayy too long

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